Friday, July 20, 2012

Brand New Blog

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Yes, I am a blog virgin.  For some reason, I suddenly decided it would be a great idea to use a blog to get myself back into writing everyday.  Great idea, right?  Sure.  Just one problem.  How on earth does one set up a personal blog?  So I pulled up my trusty Ixquick search engine and set about trying to find a place to start up a free blog.  Wow.  There are actually web pages dedicated to listing sites offering free blogs.  Who knew?  Okay, so this just might be easier than I thought it would be.  I'll just start with the first item that comes up on ixquick...

BAM - BAM!  Both AdAware and Security Essentials pop up windows warning me the site has been listed as "an attack site" and could be harmful to my computer.  Yikes!  Guess that's what ya get for going after a freebie page. Get me outa here! click.  

hmmmm.....Now what?   Guess I'll try the next one.  BAM  AdAware didn't like that site either.  30 minutes and more research later, here I am with a plain-jane blog that is supposed to be customized to my liking, but heaven only knows how that works, but hey!  I'm writing, and wasn't that the ultimate point?  Who needs a fancy schmancy page with cool pictures?  And what is a Permalink? sigh  So much for user friendly.  Guess it's time to admit defeat and plead for help from my sister wolves over on TLS.

I don't know how well this blog thing is going to work out, but I am writing again, and that feels pretty good.  Hopefully, I'll get things figured out soon and be able to offer up some tidbits of interest.  Meanwhile, JC's World of Words is here just waiting for some creative musings.

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