Monday, May 18, 2015

New Direction

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Wow. Talk about neglect. I really have neglected my poor blog! Over a year since my last post. I do have an idea up my sleeve for something new though. Keep your peepers on the lookout for some new book reviews coming soon. I'm going to give something a try, but I'm not sure how well it is going to work. In the world of a gazillion book review blogs, I would like to try something completely different. I figure if I want to have a blog that is worthy of attention amongst so many others out there, I'd best come up with something unique. What have I not seen done yet? Coming soon to JC's World of Words: The Strangest Things You Never Thought You'd See in Romance. Or... I Can't Believe Someone Went There!

Some friends have been pointing out some of the strangest subjects in the romance book genre lately. Usually someone will end up volunteering to read the oddest of these and give a review for the group. We call it "taking one for the team," so the rest of us don't have to subject ourselves to the torture. Since so many have been cropping up lately, I'm thinking of featuring those book reviews here on JC's World of Words. So, be on the lookout for some of the strangest subjects that you never thought you'd see in romantic fiction.

I'm not sure if the reviews will all be mine, or if others will submit their reviews for me to post on their behalf. I expect that it will likely be a mixture of both. Stay tuned for things like Amish vampires and Amish space zombies, dinosaur sex (yes, I mean bestiality), and other strange things the dark underbelly of the Romance genre has to offer. If you come across something totally off the wall that you'd like to see an honestly reviewed, feel free to let me know. Better still, feel free to take one for the team and submit your own review for me to post. The stranger the better! Prove to us all that the imagination knows no limits!

Until then...

Happy reading everyone!

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