Thursday, June 18, 2015

First Impressions - Amish Vampires In Space by Kerry Nietz

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Yeah, yeah.  So there are already tons of reviews of this book on the web.  I purposely have not read a single one.  I didn't want to go into this with any preconceived notions other than my first thoughts on seeing the cover posted in the TLS den. I took one look at it and said, "That is something I never thought I'd see."

I did read the story behind the book.  I know it came about from a mock cover by publisher Jeff Gerke, created to poke fun at the current Amish craze in Christian Fiction genre. Eventually, Kerry Nietz approached him with an idea for a plot and obtained permission to write the book with no promise on a decision to publish until reading it. The finished product knocked Gerke for a loop, and apparently a lot of readers as well. It even found its way onto Jimmy Fallon's Do Not Read List. (Was going to link to that, but the segment is no longer available. Guess that's what I get for being so slow!)  The book has garnered some pretty good press and a LOT of buzz across the internet.  So I'm a little behind with my review, but I promise you this.  It will be honest.  Hence, my determination not to read what anyone else had to say about it.

Here are my first thoughts after one chapter.

Holy crap!  This is surprisingly good.  I had a hard time putting down my tablet to feed my demanding cats and share my first thoughts here.  I was expecting to read a few chapters and give a brief update with some anecdotes to poke fun at this hilarious idea. The Forward even says not to take it too seriously.  Instead, I find myself itching to get back to the book and find out what happens.

I have so many questions churning in my head right now.  I need to know what secret Jebediah is hiding in the barn, dammit!  Why are the crops declining?  What is happening with the stars and the Morning Nebbit?  (Thank you to the author, for the brief explanations of terminology.  I'd have been totally lost and frustrated without those! And they are added without disrupting flow or making the reader feel dumb. Too many writers irritate me by doing that. Kudos!)  Why is nobody talking about all of this?  Apparently, they all see the changes, but nobody is discussing.  At least not too loudly.  Jebediah's neighbor seeks his opinion on what's happening to the crops.  Jebediah wants to get the elders' opinions. Have they noticed all the changes?  Do they suspect something is up with Jebediah?  Why is Jebediah's wife so exhausted that he told her to stay in bed this morning? Is that somehow connected to all of these changes, or is it another issue entirely?  Maybe he was just being kind to her.  I'm starting to question every little thing now!  That's good writing right there!

So those are my first impressions after Chapter 1.  Questions upon questions.  I have to get back to the book ASAP and find some answers!  Be back soon for an update, or a complete review, if I'm unable to get away before reading to the end.  Oh, and I even like the cow, Clara, too!  Who knew the mundane milking of a cow could be entertaining!

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  1. Never heard about it, but now that I looked it up, it looks interesting.